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Stephen Larson

History, PE, Health, A+

My name is Stephen Larson and I am excited to start my third year at Hawthorn Academy. I classify myself as the "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" because of my skills and hobbies. I love playing sports such as ultimate frisbee, golf, baseball/softball, basketball, racquetball, and football. I am an avid BYU fan and will talk college football in general anytime the chance arises. I also love music. I played the trumpet in middle school and high school and eventually played 3 years for the BYU marching band and other athletic bands. I have also taught myself to play the guitar and piano. I am looking into furthering my understanding of technology in programming and general maintenance. Keeping to the Jack of All Trades, I will be teaching just about everything! I have Health, PE, US History, and A+ Computer Repair classes that I am looking forward to teaching. I love to learn new things and I hope to bring my love of learning along with my passion for teaching into the classroom. After all, when the teacher is having fun teaching, the students are more likely to have fun learning. See you soon!

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