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Internationally Minded Achievement Award

The IB Leadership Award has a new look and name!

The goal of the IB program is to create internationally minded people, who recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet help to create a better, more peaceful world. How do we define international mindedness? Through the development of the learner profile. Everyday your child is learning to become: knowledgeable, open-minded, a risk taker, a thinker, an inquirer, reflective, principled, caring, balanced, and a communicator. While these profile traits are developed in the classroom, some students choose to go above and beyond in their quest to become internationally minded. These students truly embody what it means to be an internationally minded IB Leader.

Your child's teacher will be giving you a copy of the form at Fall Student Led Conferences. All forms will be due in May 2017. We look forward to watching your child grow in their international mindedness!

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