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Michelle Petrulsky

5th Grade

Hi there! My name is Mrs. Petrulsky. I moved to Utah four years ago, accepting a teaching position at Hawthorn right away. I live in Goshen, a tiny town in the country, with my husband. I also have a grown daughter who lives in Arizona.

At the Age of 36 I realized that it was time to make a change, leave the business world and finally do what I had always wanted to do. TEACH! I returned to college, taking night classes, to earn a Bachelor in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. Since 2010, I have taught Art, Music, 6th grade and 5th grade.

I believe my purpose as a teacher is to help children grow as people, developing the traits needed to be successful in life. In addition to core subjects, my class is also taught leadership, team work, self-discipline and kindness. I try to give my best to my class so I can help them recognize their own potential for success. I believe classroom culture has a tremendous impact on student learning. It is my personal goal to make 5th grade a positive experience for each and every one of my students.

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