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Student Government

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The Student Government consists of students from our school who work together to come up with ideas that strengthen and motivate our student body.

Students are in charge of dances, food drives, decorations, and are available for different committees when extra help is needed. They lead assemblies and help to bring about and represent the IB Profile & Attitudes. They stand as examples to students and serve as their voice on important matters.

The Student Government meets every Monday after school to discuss business-related items for that week and plan upcoming events.

Student Government 2016-2017

Spencer Birchum     Student Body President
Emma Llu
     Student Body Vice President
Brad Mason
     Student Body Treasurer
McKenna Kunz
     Student Body Secretary
Pranu Sudabattula
     6th Grade Senator
Mckayla Baer      6th Grade Senator
Logan Kunz
     5th Grade Senator
Charley Utley
     5th Grade Senator


Alisha George

West Jordan campus

South Jordan campus

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  • Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00

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