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SAGE State Testing

The SAGE test is different from the CRT. Students are required to do more text evidence answers, as well as more critical thinking than was previously required from CRTs. Parents and students are able to view training tests on the SAGE portal. The SAGE summative that students will take in the spring will look similar to the training tests. However, the training tests are not grade or content specific. They are leveled in groups such as grade 3-5, grade 3-6 and grade 6-11.

Please use this opportunity to take a look at the training tests for an idea of what your student will be doing. You are also welcome to have your student log in and play with the system to get familiar with the format.

There are several available sections to practice:

  • Writing
  • Math
  • Reading, Language, and Listening
  • Science

To access the training test, go to

  • Click Students and Families 
  • Click Training Tests 
  • Click Training Tests (username/password is guest, guest) 
  • Click Sign In 
  • Select a grade level 
  • Click Yes

Please fill out this form and return to your campus principal to opt out of 2017-2018 SAGE testing.

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