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Uniforms are required at Hawthorn Academy and provide a safe learning environment, where students can be themselves. Students can pay more attention in class and bullying is less likely to happen. Read through the dress code at the beginning of the school year so that you know what to wear.


Local retailers that sell school uniforms include Old Navy, Target, and Kohl's. Online retailers include www.frenchtoast.com.


  • Shirts must have a collar and be a solid white, navy, true red or light blue . Appropriate shirts are : blouse, polo, oxford, turtleneck, or dress shirt. All shirts look best when tucked in with the exception of polo-style shirts.
  • Shirts are not to altered by being pulled back or to the side with anything such as a clip, rubber band, etc. Logos: ONLY HAWTHORN LOGOS allowed on shirts. Visible Under shirts are true red, navy, white, light blue or black. Sweaters or vests must be navy blue, true red, or white. NO GRAY OR BLACK.
  • Hooded sweatshirts (here to referred to as "Hoodies") MAY NOT BE WORN DURING CLASS TIME.

Tops may be white, light blue, navy blue, or red in color.


  • Girls may wear skirts, jumpers, skorts, shorts, capris or pants. It is a good idea to wear shorts under skirts. Students' pants or shorts must be solid navy, tan or black.
  • No red, white, or light blue jumpers or red, white, or light blue polo dresses.
  • Shorts, skorts, skirts and dresses must be to the top of the knee cap in length.
  • Do not roll up skirts or shorts. Skirts that are rolled up will be considered a dress violation.
  • Pants must be out of cotton or knit blends only.
  • NO TIGHT PANTS. Pants or shorts cannot be so tight that a "quarter" or cell phone can be defined in a pocket.
  • The waistband of the bottom uniform garment must be worn above the hips at all times.
  • Underwear cannot be seen at any time.

Bottoms may be khaki, black, or navy in color.


  • Belts (brown or black) must be worn is pants are too loose and hanging down.
  • No scarves.
  • Non-distracting hair accessories.
  • Jewelry may be worn, but No large or distracting earrings.
  • Only one piercing is allowed.
  • NO HATS (except for medical or religious purposes)
  • No sun glasses.
  • All tattoos must be covered.

Field Trips

  • A solid white top and solid navy or black bottoms (skirt or pants).

School Spirit Days

  • Students are allowed to wear a designated "School Spirit Shirt" on select days with pants of choice. The school spirit shirt specifications include team shirts/sweats if a student has been on a Hawthorn Athletic team, and administrative decided shirt sold through HOPE or the school athletics.
  • Certain days may be designated as "Free Dress" days. These days will be with the permission and at the discretion of the Director and/or Board of Trustees. "Free Dress" simply means that the dress for that day will be attire acceptable for school activity. The dress and grooming standards will remain intact as listed below except for the requirement of a uniform on these select days.
  • Students on sports teams may wear their sports tops and sweat pants on the day of a game. Sports hoodies may not be worn in class.

Dress & Grooming

  • Uniforms at Hawthorn Academy are mandatory.
  • Uniforms must be worn at after school except where activities require alternate attire (i.e. sports, dance, etc.). Uniforms are not required at school dances or games. However, dress and pant length still applies
  • Don't' dress like a slob.
  • Clothing shall not be excessively worn or have holes.
  • No extreme hair color or styles (i.e. mohawks). ONLY "natural" hair colors are permitted (purple, green or fuchsia or "hot pink" hair is not "natural"). Any makeup worn should be appropriate for school. Body piercing is limited to the ears only and is limited to one earring per ear
  • Outer wear that is worn for warmth to and from school and at outside recess is not considered a uniform item.

Socks & Shoes

  • Socks for boys and girls should be in coordinating colors; socks may be ankle, crew or knee length in white, navy, red or black.
  • No-show socks are not allowed.
  • Tights are allowed in school colors (white, navy, red and black).
  • Socks or tights must be worn at all times.
  • No nylon stockings may be worn.
  • All shoes must be closed toed and closed heeled.
  • Snow boots must be changed into school-approved shoes while inside the building.

Extra-curricular Activities

Dress code for each extra-curricular activity must be followed as set forth by the administration.  

Physical Education (P.E.) Dress Code

  • Physical Education (P.E.) clothes are to be changed into at school, and worn for P.E. only.
  • If a student has P.E. for the first period of the day he/she may wear their P.E. clothing to school and then change to approved school attire after P.E.
  • P.E. bottoms are sports shorts or pants, navy, gray, khaki, or black. Short must adhere to the standard length for bottoms, already stated. P.E. tops are plain T-shirts in red, navy, white, or light blue. T-shirts must be logo free and must have sleeves


Consequences for Dress Code Violations

The office will call a parent to bring dress code appropriate clothing to the school. If a parent cannot be reached the student will be given Dress Code appropriate clothing to wear during the remainder of the day and a note will be sent home. If a student changes into clothes stored at the school in case they are caught with a violation, it will count as an offense. All offenses will be logged by the office. For subsequent violations, in class assignments missed because of having to deal with a dress code violation will not be allowed to be made up. A notice will be sent home and the parents will be required to pay a $5 fee for the maintenance of the clothing provide by the school. For the 4th violation, a meeting with the student, parent and administration will occur. At that time the discussion will be had on whether the student will be allowed to wear skirts/skorts/shorts. For each additional violation, a 1 day "in school suspension" will occur.

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